Free and Open Source Software to build a hosted VoIP server or hosted IPPBX service

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The project is just started, we hope that we can maintain it properly to continuously powers Telepon Rakyat Indonesia cloud VoIP service server.

Info Value URL
Update N/A
Version N/A
Source codes VoIP ID http://github.com/antonraharja/voip-id
Developer (Founder) Anton Raharja http://antonraharja.com
Developer Yuliana Rahman http://rahman.web.id
Developer Asoka Wardhana http://asokawardhana.web.id
Developer Rolly M. Awangga http://awangga.net
License Affero GPLv3 http://www.gnu.org/licenses/agpl-3.0.html
Laravel 4.1.26 http://laravel.com
Twitter Bootstrap 3.1.1 http://getbootstrap.com
Composer dev http://getcomposer.org

Please note that another open project has been setup to accompany this project, it is a book writing project for VoIP ID. Visit VoIP ID Book Project for how to install, use and other stuffs related to VoIP ID and Telepon Rakyat.